For Adults:

  • Learning a Language
  • Learning Other Subjects
  • Finding a Job

For Teens:

  • Teen Employers
  • When Choosing a Job
  • Tips for Filling Out Job Application Forms
  • Resources for the College Search, Tuition Planning, and Scholarships

Useful Resources for Adults

Learning a Language:

Many people want or need to learn a language for work, school, or personal reasons.  There are plenty of websites online which provide free language lessons.

  • is a place where you can learn languages at different levels, depending on your proficiency in that language.  However, these lessons are created by people and may contain errors.
  • is another place where one can start their beginnings of a new language.

Learning Other Subjects:

  • offers coursework and lessons from universities all over the world.  Courses typically run throughout six week periods, and come and go as these periods change.  Courses that aren’t there new may be there in six weeks!
  • is a great place to learn anything from history to mathematics to coding.
  • allows you to learn just about any coding language for free.  On Codecademy, you can learn anything from Java to HTML.

Finding a Job:

Useful Resources for Teen Employment and Higher Education

Teen Employers: helps to guide teens in finding a job.  Boostapal tells what one should and shouldn’t do when searching and applying for a job.

Many places hire teenagers who have their working papers.  Common chains that hire teenagers are:

  • Pizza Hut
  • Wendy’s
  • Burger King
  • Dairy Queen
  • Hardee’s
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill
  • Kohl’s
  • McDonald’s
  • Applebee’s

Websites to look at for jobs in your area:

When Choosing a Job:

Each job you look for, compare the pros and cons of each job.  Is it too far?  Does it pay well?  Sometimes, especially as a teenager, you can’t find the perfect job, but comparing the pros and cons helps you to pick the best ones out of your options.

Tips for Filling Out Job Application Forms

  • Tips can be found on for what to do when applying for a job.
  • Don’t use your friends as references.  Do you have any reliable, professional family friend you could ask to be a reference?  Perhaps someone you helped out, like a neighbour you babysat for, or the head of a student tutor program?  Use adults, preferably with some sort of with professional backing.
  • Do not lie on the application about anything.  Chances are, employers will notice this and not hire you.  This can also come back to haunt you when you are applying for jobs as an adult, and after college!


Resources for the College Search, Tuition Planning, and Scholarships

College Xpress is a fantastic place to find universities as well as scholarships that fit you.  College Xpress includes filters and other search tools to find what you need, or other places you may look if they don’t help.

Another great place to find university matches is which your school may or may not require you to sign up for.  Naviance is a great place to find the perfect college or university for you; it allows you to enter what your criteria for colleges/universities are, such as population, location, and if it is public or private.  You can also add any schools to your “Colleges I’m Thinking About” section, so you remember to look back at them when it is time to apply! is a site that gives an overview of what tuition consists of, and different ways to manage the payment.

Scholarships help to save large amounts of money on tuition.  Places to look for scholarships include:

Another great place to look for help, if you have a school in mind, is on the school’s website.  Most universities have a section dedicated to tuition breakup, and some even offer things such as net price calculators, which will tell you an approximate billing based on numerous factors, such as income.